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Can I import anything into Australia?

No. There are many prohibited items that are not allowed into Australia. There are also many items that require authorisation from one of the many Government bodies involved.


Are there special requirements for importing motor vehicles into Australia?

Yes. You must have an import permit, follow this link for details :


How long will it take for me to get my shipment after arrival into Australia?

This is dependent on many factors, such as what you are importing and if the shipment is flagged by Australian Customs, Quarantine, etc. You must also supply the correct documentation.

As a guide only :
Air freight : Usually within 1-2 days of flight arrival.
Sea freight : Full Container Load (FCL) : Usually 2-4 days after vessel arrival.
Sea freight : Less than Container Load (LCL) : Usually 4-10 days after vessel arrival.


Can I use wooden pallets/packaging for my imports?

Yes, however any timber must be treated to Australian Quarantine (AQIS) requirements. We recommend the use of ISPM-15 treated timber or plastic pallets.


You are in Sydney, but I have a shipment moving from/to another location – can you still handle?

Yes, we handle shipments Australia wide from our Sydney office. We can help you regardless of your location in Australia or around the world.


How long will my shipment or air transit take?

Each consignment will take differing amounts of time to arrive at the required destination. Container shipping to Australia takes longer than air transit to Australia. Transitainer will keep you updated on your consignment and advise you when your vessel is due to arrive.


What is included with your international freight services?

Transitainer’s services include the import and export of carriage from Australian shores. Our import freight service includes air transit to Australia and shipping from USA destinations in addition to other global countries. Our export freight includes international air transit and container shipping from Australian shores.


What is required to import cars from USA locations?

Transitainer has experience importing from USA locations and can assist with the importation of a vehicle. There are specific requirements that must be met when importing car from USA locations. This includes compliance with government and customs regulations. Transitainer can ensure your vehicle complies with all Australian regulations and will facilitate smooth international freight services.


Do you provide shipping from USA locations?

Yes, we have years of experience shipping from USA destinations and can organise shipping from anywhere in the USA. Whether you wish to import a car from USA or multiple consignments, Transitainer will facilitate and coordinate your entire shipment and ensure it is imported hassle-free.


What kinds of freight can I import from USA?

As one of the leading international freight companies, we provide varying international freight services. Cargo can be of differing shapes and sizes; our staff can even help you import a car from USA locations. Generally, the types of carriages that can be transported includes:

  • General cargo
  • Break – bulk cargo
  • Roll on – roll off cargo
  • Out of gauge cargo – unusual sizing

We can transport air and sea freight of standard sizing but we can also transport out of gauge cargo that doesn’t fit the mould.

For more information on our international freight services, call us on +61-2-9522 0722 or email an enquiry today!.